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Fourteen years of existence marks a period of growth, change, and introspection — an era of creativity and emotion that leads to long-term personal and artistic development. As we celebrate deviantART's 14th birthday, we want to thank all of you for joining in on the journey of growth and development, from the deviants who have been here from the start to the deviants who are starting out their deviantART experience today.
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                    This is a group activity for you to join in! The KIERATURNED DRAWING CONTEST! Whoever wins gets 5 free drawings of their choice from me, (Not inappropriate!) And a spoiler for ICaC- PG. 16! Want more details? GO HERE!:
                       INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! They will be welcomed! ^^
                          I WILL JUDGE ON THE 25TH IF I CAN!!! Now all of you below, choose whether or not you will participate in this activity, and comment if you are or not on this journal.
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You Can't Fight The Homestuck lyrics
this was made by Kylee Henke: <= and that is her tumblr go nuts kids
disclaimer i own nothing boopdy boop
[He-lllo, everybody! Let me tell you about Homestuck...]
Verse 1
Oooooooooooooooooooooooh yeaaaahh
John Egbert, Rose Lalonde
Ascend, descend, rise up, abscond
Jade Harley, Dave Strider
They all play Sburb and end the world.
Nanna, Bro
Mom, Dad
Youth roll
Grandpa, Pesterchum
Hella Jeff and Sweet Bro
Verse 2
Heat and clockwork, wind and shade
Frost and frogs, light and rain
Vagabond and Mendicant
Renegade, consorts and Denizens
Skaia, four-thirteen
Countdown to the Reckoning
Derse and Prospit
Pogo Hammer, Sassacre
You can't fight the Home-stuck!
Though it's weird and random
It's the greatest fandom!
You can't fight the Home-stuck!
True, it's quite outrageous
But it's all contagious!
Verse 3
Jasper's secret, Davesprite
Casey, Mutie, doomed timelines
Good dog, best friend
Jack causes many people's ends.
Black Queen, nak nak
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by dA-Hobo

OMG! It's so beautiful can't draw really good human hair or glasses! You do the neck and shoulders beautifully! love it love it love it...






Bubble-Gum-Kitty has started a donation pool!
28 / 500
Please donate that way I can do more for You guys! This is a simple way for me to get points instead of having to make commissions!
When I reach my goal, everyone who donates anything will get featured, and in donators speedpaint!

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Animated Icon
I figured out how to make GIFs and i love it!

All profits from this go to donations and other commissions. ^^

Animated Icons!

Must Include in you 'special request'

~ Base or description of movement

~ Reference sheet, or description of colors/ character design

~ How fast

~ a link to the ref sheet for color themes, or explain it to me the best you can
~ tell me the background color(s)
Cat Selfie!
Get a picture of you cat! (Hand drawn or digital). Get it colored, shaded, or for a download at no extra cost!
 Please have a detailed description or reference sheet!
Get a head-shot of any of Your characters, for this amazing price!


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Dawn "Melody" Dagger
United States
Hi guys!
Name: As You all know; Dawn "Melody" Dagger.
Age: Supposedly 18 to most people but much younger. ;)
Main Language: English.
Other Language: None. I wish Japanese)
Dreams: TO become a writer and to make videos like Ryan Higa, FinalCutKing, and PBG.


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